Sharp ELW532THBWH Scientific Calculator

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The ELW532THBWH features all the functions found in the ELW532XHBSL plus additional functions to improve the usability of the calculator.

The number of functions in the calculator has increased from 330 to a massive 396 !


 New in the design is the HOME key, bringing the calculator back to its standard operating mode with a single key press.

The ELW532THBWH now also allows you to select a dot or a comma as your decimal point marker, perform prime factorization and transform easily to and from engineering notation.

A newly implemented list display shows the values stored in the A/B/C/D/E/F/X/Y/M memories.

Also new the arrangement of the often used square root and "𝜋" key, directly accessible on the keypad, so there is no need to first press the “2nd F” key to enter them in an equation.

A number of statistical functions have been added to the existing ones including inputting data in table format, inputting x and y value at once, display statistical values by list, display xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax as well as quartile calculation.

Greater Common Divisor (gcd) and Least Common Multiple (lcm) functions have been added to the many basic functions the calculator already has.

To accommodate all these improvements, the number of definable memories has been reduced from 4 to 3; a small sacrifice, considering the many benefits the ELW532THBWH now offers.

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