MAXHUB Webcam 180' FOV

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UC M30
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180° Field of view even in the smallest room. Make the most of your limited space with full-picture immersive technology that captures every participant from far-to-the-left to all-the-way-right.

Amazing 4K UHD clarity, now you've seen it all

Get ready for a dramatic leap forward in image quality. Thanks to advanced optics and breakthrough technology, the UC M30 delivers vividly superior video conferencing.


Change video layouts with a single tap

A touch is all it takes. There's no need for special training or complicated software operations. Simply tap the top of the camera to switch video layouts.

1-click video layout switch

Six video layouts, all at your fingertips

You gotta see it to believe it. The UC M30 offers layout options to suit every communication scenario from one-way lecturing to multi-party brainstorming.

Auto tracking technology

Collaborate naturally. The UC M30 not only recognizes and zooms in on meeting participants, it can track speakers as they move about the room.

Get up and running. Fast

Connects to your Bluetooth speaker without an external USB hub

Plug-and-play setup and operation; integrating with your existing

central control system. Integrated Type-C for instant connection

USB connection ready for Bluetooth speakerphone


Optimize sound and video with the BM20 speakerphone. Meet face-to face, and ear-to-ear. Enhance collaboration with the MAXHUB BM21 360° Omnidirectional Speakerphone, deployable with a single USB connection.

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